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How to Make Homemade Almond Milk

Hi Friends! Recently on my Instagram page, I mentioned that I make homemade almond milk. Since I got some questions on how to make it, I put together this post and video for you. Enjoy!

Why the heck would you make this at home if you can just buy it in the store?

Trust me, I work full time while home with two littles, and have cut every non necessity time suck out of my life, but almond milk has stayed in the routine, let me explain why.

Making Almond milk at home will give you much higher quality milk, without all the yucky chemicals they add in store bought almond milk to keep it “fresh”, and to give it a creamier consistency, if you make it yourself, there is no need for all that yuck. It also froths up really nice when used in lattes or cappuccinos.

It’s also SO MUCH cheaper, a batch of this will yield you about 30 ounces, and cost you about $2.50, compared to the store bought almond milk I used to buy at $7.99 for 32 ounces.

It’s also so easy, you can do it in 4 hours, and it’s really only 5 minutes of actual work time as the majority of the time is for the almonds to soak.

You can even make almond meal out of the byproduct which I’ll explain too, it’s a great way to drive baking costs down if you’re on keto or a GF diet.

Why do people even use almond milk anyways?

People use almond milk for many reasons, some don’t like the taste of milk, and for others, like myself, have inflammatory side effects from dairy.

In fact, when I was in my early 20’s I started getting awful breakouts right around the time I joined corporate America. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed topical creams which helped, but didn’t actually solve the problem. It hit me one day when I came across an article about the additives in skim milk, I started drinking routine morning coffee at the same time my breakouts started. I cut milk, and my skin completely healed up.

Then, few years ago, I was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which has a very large list of symptoms like infertility, acne, and weight gain to name a few. Come to find out many people with PCOS tame their symptoms on an anti inflammatory, no dairy, no alcohol, gluten free diet. I try to limit these as much as possible so I can feel my best, so having almond milk on hand is absolutely key for me.

Here is a quick video of the process, a detailed list of what you need as well as directions are just below

Here is what you'll need

1- Raw Almonds (This bag will give you approx. 6 batches of almond milk)

2-Strainer (Like this one)

2-Nut bag (We use these and they have held up really well)

3- Blender (We just got this one and LOVE it, it actually yields more milk then it's competition)

4- Dried figs (like these - totally optional, they add a nice taste to the milk)

5- Funnel (Similar to this)

6-Large mason jar, or something of the like to store your milk (I use these)

7- This is the espresso machine I use to get that awesome froth in the video


The first step is to soak 1 cup of almonds in a bowl, the water should cover the almonds. Don’t worry about too much water, because it’s going to get strained anyways. The nuts will soak for 4-8 hours. Some recipes call for overnight soaking, I have done this a few times and find that the milk separates way quicker when it soaks for an extended period of time. I typically soak for 4 hours.

Once the almonds are done with their bath, you pop them in a strainer in the sink and rinse it out with water. You’ll notice the almonds are now squishy.

Next you’ll grab your blender and fill it up with 5 cups of water. We use the filtered water from the fridge, I usually add two pitted figs to give it a nice vanilla-ish, subtle, sweet flavor.

Add the almonds to the blender, and blend on high for about 2 minutes

Then, you’ll put the nut bag over the funnel, and the funnel into the mason jar and pour your milk in. The milk will drain into the mason jar, and you can squeeze the milk out of the almond meal to get every last drop.

Now, lets’ see the froth again! Here is what a latte with fresh almond milk looks like. Have you gotten a latte at a coffee shop with almond milk before, it hardly froths at all. This was such a pleasant surprise, healthy, cheaper and froth for days!

I store my milk in the fridge, this batch lasts me about 5 days or so. I use almond milk in my coffee and lattes, it's unbelievable how frothy fresh almond milk can be. I also use the almond milk for smoothies and as a milk substitute in recipes.

The byproduct left in the nutbag is actually almond meal! Almond meal is ground up almonds, while almond flour is the same just without the skin aka blanched. You can take advantage of the almond meal by spreading it out on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and popping it in the oven on 200 until it’s completely dried out. I’ve done this and have baked keto recipes with it that have come out great. I have read that the almond meal loses some of the oils through the milking process and some folks like to add a little extra oil in when they bake with the byproduct.

Enjoy your almond milk!