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Floor Plan Trends With Architectural Designs

Just like the seasons change, we have all been feeling the change in home designs lately, from colors, to styles, and even layouts. The floor plans of homes is probably the most significant place that we see these new trends emerge. Preference changes in the layout of a home signal how we want to live, get things done, and interact with our families. Living through this profound movement of working and schooling from home, millennials raising their young families, and baby boomers beginning to downsize, it’s no surprise we are starting to see new trends emerging in floorplans.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jon Davis, Owner of the wildly successful Architectural Designs, as well as Madison Eaton, their Social Media Manager. Architectural Designs is the place to go when you are looking for quality floor plans. If you have ever been on their website, you already know how fun it is to search through their tens of thousands of plans, and view the client albums, including mine. They are the experts as they keep close tabs on the trends, they work closely with many designers, and foster close relationships with their clients to really anticipate their needs. Jon and Madison were kind enough to share their insights with me.

Let's dive into these trending floor plans!

Single story homes are having a moment!

Plan 51851HZ, the one-story Hill Country Home Plan with an open floor plan and game room really exemplifies the single story trend. The stone trim and timber-frame gable porch, while dark window sashes and a metal roof add a modern edge to the traditional style. Inside there is a 15’ high great room, open to the kitchen and dining areas. Did you notice the game room over by bedroom 2 & 3? What an amazing room to play in, or study at home without being in the middle of all the openness of this home. This home is just under 3,000 sq/ft, which packs a lot of really usable space into a 1 level.

“Single story homes have risen in popularity as of late, and if not a single story home, main-floor master suites are a popular must-have among our clients. Many individuals are building their homes with the future in mind, and having all of the owner’s living essentials on the main floor seems to offer peace of mind that your custom home will serve you and your family well into retirement years.”

- Jon Davis

Owners suites with laundry room access

As seen in Plan 62544DJ Modern 4 Bedroom Farmhouse , do you recognize this house? I absolutely love having laundry room access right next to my closet, it's such a convenient place for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this space well since I do a ton of stories from the laundry room. The closed door in the picture below goes right into my closet, the other door goes out to the main space of the house, right by the staircase for easy access to the rest of the bedrooms. The other feature I love about having the laundry room here is that it gives two points of access to the owners bedroom, I can enter through the laundry, closet & bathroom, or enter right from the great room.

Owners suites where you don't need to walk through the bathroom to enter the closet

Like in plan 14679RK Modern Farmhouse Plan with French Door Greeting. I FULLY support this trend, especially if the owners bathroom does not have a toilet closet, it can be a lot of information on your partner to take in when you’re just trying to grab a sweater. The exterior of this home is so gorgeous too, how amazing is the huge front porch?

“We’ve seen a lot of emphasis placed on master suites that offer an element of convenience and luxury recently. Specifically, suites that offer direct access to the laundry room, and that don’t require you to pass through the bathroom to enter either closet. These features create a functional and optimized layout for the owners of the home, something that is definitely in high demand due to the increased number of adults spending more time in the home as a result of remote workplaces, etc” - Jon Davis

Home office areas

Like we see in the study of plan 52269WM Expanded Farmhouse Plan with 3 or 4 Beds office areas are tending as well. I love how this office is closed off from the rest of the home, yet by the entryway so you can easily welcome clients to your office without having them walk through your living space. This plan also offers a closet option for this space should you need an extra bedroom in the future.

Another trend going on with workspaces are the studio sheds. Perfect if you need a quiet space not attached to your home. Jon explains “With work from home becoming more of the norm over the last 2 years, we’ve seen an increased need for dedicated office spaces in the home. Plans such as plan 62925DJ offer a great option to create a quiet and separate office or studio space for the WFH set-up, and they offer lots of versatility in terms of usage.” You guys, it has a loft, see the pics below!

Are any of these trends speaking to you? Maybe all of them are? In that case, check out these ones that have it all!

Exclusive Modern Farmhouse with Deluxe Master Suite It’s got the office by the entry, a bathroom on the other side of the owners closet, and that convenient laundry location, just outside the owners suite!

One Final plan to check out is ​plan 56508SM Split Bedroom Modern Farmhouse with Outdoor Kitchen and Optional Game Room. I’m obsessed with the exterior of this plan. I know, I know, we are talking interior layout, let’s get back on track. This interior has an upstairs bonus room and/or bedroom 4 could be converted into an office, a great solution for a dual work from home situation. It’s also got the laundry room next to the owners closet, which is such a great feature I appreciate in my own home everyday.

That's a wrap on trending floor plans, at least for now. Did we miss any plans you love? Be sure to hop over to my Instagram to let me know what you think!

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