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Oh Boy! Building Update and More 💙

Loads of fun stuff going on around here lately! We found out we are having a boy, foundation has been poured and I snagged an uh-mazing deal on light fixtures!!

We found out via confetti cannons while surrounded by our very excited family that we are having a baby boy!! We didn't have a preference at all for the gender, we just want a healthy baby, this little frozen embryo has beat the odds and has been through so much already we only want it to be healthy. I actually wasn't excited to find out, I could have held out to be surprised when the baby is born, but I do have to admit it is nice to have a "he" now versus an "it".

At 21 weeks already, every time I practice yoga there are new poses I can't get in anymore; either the bump gets in the way, hamstrings are super tight from sleeping on my side, twists feel weird or my body is off balance. Sometimes I just sit there and laugh, last night I gave into the fact that I can no longer bend over and grab my feet unless my legs are hella separated. I do have to say all the extra weight is making my arms much stronger : )

After the gender reveal we took off on a 2 night getaway in Hampton beach, NH for hubs birthday. We only had 3 hours of beach time and the rest was a freezing cold, windy, wash out. All there was left to do was eat and shop, so that's what we did, we ate all the foods. It's still so nice to get away and spend time with the hubs since he's been working crazy overtime all summer.

All that rain was coming down at home too. So much so that the lot was too muddy for the cement truck to get in, they had to cancel the cement order on Monday and again on Tuesday this week. It finally got poured on Wednesday (wahoo!!), we'll take whatever progress we can get : )

As far a shopping for house things, I don't want to be stressed out trying to make 1,000 decisions with a newborn all at the last minute, so I'm chipping away (and looking out for deals). While we were washed out of our mini vacation I got a flash sale email and the chandelier for the dining room I've been eyeing from Pottery Barn was marked down. Any good reason why I shouldn't get it? Good, because I ordered it and then ordered the coordinating pendents for the kitchen island.

I was hesitant to order the pendents because I couldn't get a good enough sense of what they would look like above my island in the photos. As luck would have it I mentioned it to my boss and she has the same exact pendents above her island and they are GORGEOUS. Done and done. The island will be 11ft long and calls for four pendents, good thing they were marked $30 off and I had a 20% off coupon that worked with the sale price. You win some you lose some, vacation was rained out but then I saved around $400 between my two orders. Happy. To. Be.

Next up our builder asked us to start putting together a folder for him of all the finishes. Should be easy since I have everything picked out, right? Haha, now I'm second guessing colors and tiles. This weekend we are going to hit some tile stores, I'm really looking forward to that although I doubt Jake is. I'm loving the patterned cement tile look for the laundry room, brick tile for the mudroom and I want something super classic for inside the master shower, maybe a long thin slate tile in herringbone.

At the build site they will be taring the outside of the foundation, and pushing the rest of the fill around the foundation. Framing is the next big thing! We are so ready to see this bad boy take shape!

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