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Links to the most asked about items!

Hi Friends!

I should have done this a long time ago but I'm finally getting around to adding links here to the most asked about items. It usually takes me a couple days to respond back to DM's and emails anyways so I'm hoping this is helpful! I'm starting with the windmill fan & kitchen hardware and will be adding much more shortly, so please check back soon! Let me know what you think and what else you'd like to see!

Windmill Fan

I knew I HAD to have this windmill fan as soon as I saw it! It is farmy perfection and fit perfectly with the classic style with industrial flair that's been going at at the Strange house. I literally reworked the entire light budget to fit this show stopper in. You can get this brand on multiple sites, when it was time to buy I searched it out and did a price compare and Amazon was the cheapest and in true Amazon fashion it was delivered quickly with no issues.

Here is what it looks like installed at my house


Kitchen Hardware is another one I get asked about frequently. I wanted to get nice handles that were cohesive with the handle design on the appliances. Our cabinetry is somewhat large so I wanted something substantial that wouldn't look dinky on a large door or drawer. After buying, trying out, and returning other options, I ended up getting these oil rubbed bronze 7" and 12" pulls from Amazon. I am really happy with them so far, I used the 7" on most of the drawers and cabinets and the 12" on the large drawers.

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