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Target Baby Boy and Mommy Fall Clothes

All I had to hear was hubby say we are in good shape with our monthly budgeting goals to get over to target for some fall clothes shopping.  Here in New England we are entering the wonky seasonal change where it is 60 degrees overnight and hot during the day.  You need so many clothing options, and layers just to function.

My enormous 8 month old is in 18 month  baby clothes and I hardy have anything that fits him anymore, so he needs new clothes to reflect the cool little dude he is.  Since I'm starting my second month off carbs + dairy to lose the rest of the stubborn postpartum weight that comes with  PCOS  and fertility meds, I'm not buying a ton at the moment.  Anyone else find it's easier to get out of bed and ready to go when you're excited about some new clothes?  Self care comes in many forms, doesn't it.

I'll talk about my diet in another post soon, it is pretty much keto with no dairy.  It was a hard decision but surprisingly simple to slide into once I committed.

I always feel like I've got good shopping vibes when I get one of those mothers with infants parking spots close to the door.  Anyone wonder why husbands with infants get no love, and why does everyone drive by look at you to make sure you have a baby with you?   We had maternity parking at my work, and when I was pregnant people would watch me get out of the car, it was so creepy and uncomfortable. 

True to basic mom form, I hit Starbucks first and tried the Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk latte, since I'm off the dairy it called to me when I saw the sign.  When I got it, I noticed a sour milk smell right away,  I gave it a sniff, then gave the babes bum a sniff and neither were the source.  Do I just permanently have that smell lingering in my nose, is this a mom thing?  Anyone who has an infant with allergies probably can appreciate the unique smell of good ole Nutramigen - it's like sour milk but worse.  There is always some on me, or the baby, or the dogs.  Whatever, its everywhere and it stinks, I felt so bad having to feed him this stinky stuff at first.  

We hit the baby section and I quickly realized he fits the toddler clothes better and they have SO MANY cute pant/shirt outfits versus the onsie outfits, which is pretty much your only option in baby. So many little details worked into our finds, knee hems, quilted pockets, drawstrings to name a few!  Finn is going to be so cool at daycare this fall.

People ask me from time to time if I wanted a girl because they are so fun to dress up.  The answer is no, don't get me wrong, I'd be so excited if we are lucky enough to have any more children and the gender doesn't matter to me.  I simply don't feel like I'm missing a thing having a boy, especially when we can coordinate like this!  Click on the item descriptions below the image for the deets.

Here are the sources for all these items from Target, all of women's items run true to size

Rust Shirt $8 or 2/$14

Bralette (I linked black because the slate gray one I have isn't up

See, us boy moms can still coordinate! The key is to compliment each others colors, not be matchy matchy like you would with a little girl.  Back to the sour milk smell, this next shot is right about when I was realizing it was a spilled bottle in my purse, 6oz dripping right out the bottom.  Real slick Cheri, real slick.  I wiped up that bench behind me with an extra diaper, totally normal.  I also have no makeup on,  hello Sunday.

Here is another coordinating outfit option.  These little joggers are sweatpant comfy but a little more dressed up looking, they have hems at the knees and a cute little drawstring.  How adorable is this long sleeve Henley, it's one of many I picked up for him!  Sources are linked below.

And finally here are all of little Finn's fall picks!

Below are the sources going clockwise starting at 10:00, with the center items last

I hope this is helpful! I had fun shopping and putting it all together.  Pop over to @StrangeFarmhouse on Instagram and let me know what you think about boy and mommy outfits! 

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