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Playroom Mountain Makeover with Beddy's

I am so excited share with you our new playroom! This playroom project is all about keeping things easy with life hacks. I whipped up a chalkboard DIY, without using any chalkboard paint, and it only took me about 25 minutes. We partnered with Beddy's on the best idea for bedding ever, a chaos eliminating hack they have developed with a zipper! In our original plan from architectural designs (linked here), this bedroom called for its own full bath. Since our master is on the first floor we decided to eliminate one of the two full baths on the second floor. Once we moved the layout around, this room ended up being huge. We joked around when we were building that this room would be for our favorite kid. We are really nailing this whole parenting thing. It always made sense to use this space as an upstairs playroom. I talk more about finishes and keeping to a budget in another blog post linked here. Let me tell you about the chalkboard wall first. My requirements for doing a DIY these days are that it has to be easier than easy. A chalkboard wall seemed like a lot of work, having to research the paint, then prep the wall, tape off, paint, let it dry, etc.. Not to mention there would probably be a bit of a texture issue when it was time to paint over, I didn't want a line where the think chalkboard paint and the regular wall paint meet. I was researching the paint and came across chalkboard Con-Tact paper! What the heck? There is no way this could work, lemme read the reviews. What - it works AND, it's easy to install, it's removable AND it’s under $9! 2 in my Amazon basket immediately! The link to the chalkboard paper is here, and don’t forget the dustless chalk kit linked here. The upstairs is all about outdoors and adventure. We have a mountain view outside, and I love to bring the outdoors in. I decided to make the chalkboard wall mountain shaped and it was so easy. Here is the finished product.

I was able to do this in seven simple steps! The room was already pained Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, which is such a beautiful neutral color if you're ever looking for one.

1- With blue painters tape, hang the two rolls of chalkboard paper up on the wall and draw the outline of the mountains with chalk. Tape the outline of the mountain snow caps - so you can visualize the whole scene.

2- Take the paper down and cut the lines you made with the chalk. I cut the mountain angle in on both of the side edges and cut two upside down triangles on the top edge where the mountains meet.

3- Bottoms up, start on one side and peel the back of the chalkboard paper and stick it to the wall. Slide over and press out bubbles as you go. I removed the outlet cover and did a cut out as I went.

4- Do the same with the top piece of chalkboard paper. Be sure to overlap to the bottom piece just a bit so you don’t end up with a gap. Now you can see the mountain angle on both of the side edges, and the two upside down triangles I cut out on the top edge where the mountains meet.

5- Tape the mountain caps back up. I opted to do fun designs inside the caps with painters tape, make sure the tape is pressed down to the wall very well so you get clean paint lines.

6- Paint the mountain tops! I used a chalk paint from Amazon in a color called sheepskin (linked here). I did two coats using a simple foam brush.

Side note: Chalk paint is different than chalkboard paint. The top of the mountain is chalk paint, its called that because it is made out of chalk, it's not intended to be used as a chalkboard, discussing those two types of paint could be its own blog post. And also to note, the paint I used from amazon is actually acrylic based, it's just marketed as chalk paint - it worked fine for this project but I wouldn't use it on furniture like you do with true chalk paint.

7- Wait for paint to dry and carefully peel the tape back. Make any needed touch ups.

And that's all there is for this super easy mountain chalkboard wall DIY!

Now, let me tell you about the rest of this playroom project.

I bought the bed furniture second had from a friend who got them at pottery barn. There is a trundle underneath that will come in very handy for sleepovers one day (bed is linked here). I have shared before that I’m a freak about having beds made, I cannot start my day with a messy bed, and when I do, I feel overwhelmed. When I came across Beddy’s zipper bedding I knew we had to partner on this. The concept with Beddy's is that the sheet is built into the bed and all you have to do is zip the bed up to make it. I love the idea of simply zipping the bed up to make it.

This is the Dash print in a full size (linked here), I love the fun print and the black & white colors. It's trendy but also classic enough to grow with us as we change room designs over time. The spotted blanket throw (linked here) is so soft and adds some texture to to top of the bed. These exact pillows are no longer on their web site, but linked here is another adorable option.

When bedding arrived, I was really impressed with how soft all the materials are. The outer part is a silky material, nice a cool to the touch, the inside is a super soft thick sheet, it’s like those very soft newborn crib blankets. Beddy's is also very easy to put on, the whole thing goes on like a fitted sheet and hugs right around the mattress. Beddy's website is linked here, they have lots of beautiful options and videos that show how the bedding works.

Let me know what you think here and on Instagram!

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