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Our Farmhouse Tour of Colors

Hop on for a farmhouse color tour of our home, we're excited to share our favorite colors with you!

Color is so important to me, the right shade has such a calming effect, ya, I’m a total freak. If I moved into a new house that already had beautiful colors, I would still have to paint my own colors right on over it. I had my colors picked out long before our build even started, some of them I've had in my back pocket for years. I know picking colors can be a tedious task, so I hope sharing mine can help you!

Here is the color palette we used in our home, keep scrolling to see each one up on the walls!

Most of my colors are warm, and greige like, I like a light and airy feeling anchored with stronger colors. For example, if you look below at the great room, the heavy brown furniture, and navy blue island give weight and depth to the space that might otherwise read too light or sterile. Using lighter colors on the walls has a classic feel that will last a long time, this approach isn't for everyone. We veered away from trendy color choices and opted for classics that we will love for a long time. Repainting a 26' high great room is not something we want to have done any time soon.

Photo credit: Wild Lemon Photography

Above and below are shots of our great-room and kitchen. The island color is Hale Navy, this is a color I fell in love with years ago and ALWAYS wanted in my home. Lucky for me, blue is hubs favorite color so it was an easy choice to use this to break up all the white in the kitchen. The cabinetry, shiplap chair rail, and trim are all a custom white color from our builder, it's one of his favorites to finish his custom cabinetry with. The secret is that it's a match to our Anderson window trim color, it's not too warm or too cool, it's a just right white. I find Dove White to be a close white to it. The walls in the kitchen, dining nook and great room are all Classic Gray, it's a nice creamy gray, with a touch of oatmeal that gives this space some cozy warmth. If you look, you can see a contrast from the Classic Gray on the upper walls to the custom white (similar to white dove) of the cabinets and shiplap.

We carried the classic gray up the stairwell to transition into our upstairs colors.

Next up is the master bedroom in Stonnington Gray, it's a bit deeper than the Classic Gray with a hint of a foggy green/blue undertone. I find this color to be very calming, perfect for a bedroom!

We carried the Stonnington Gray throughout the master bathroom. We have a walnut finished vanity and shiplap, so we wanted to keep the walls on the lightside to contract the deep masculine tones in this space. You can see in the below pictures of the master bath how the color takes on its own life in different lights of day.

Making our way upstairs, we used Grey Owl for all the bedrooms, and hallways. Since we decided paint colors when we had a small infant, we took a simple approach knowing that later we could add accent walls. This shade can work with so many colors like deep blue and green or even soft blushes.

Our final stop is the Palladian Blue in the upstairs bathroom, it plays nice with the white vanity, the turquoise hardware and the warm hues in the countertop. Lot's more to come for this bathroom in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of colors. Hop on over to my Instagram and let me know what your favorite colors in your house are!

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