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Infant Sleeping: What we're doing the second time around

This post is a collaboration with Arm's Reach, I received product in exchange for this post, however, all opinions are my own, as is the research I did to select the right bassinet for my family. I may be compensated on purchases from links shared in this post.

As a second time mom, with number two coming any day now, I’d like to think we have been there and done that by now. The sleeping department is where we have made the plenty of mistakes with number one (sorry number one), and we'll be doing a lot of things differently this time around.

When we had Finn, who is almost 2 now, we were in the middle of building our farmhouse, living in temporary housing (aka my parents). We lived out of one small bedroom, there was no darling nursery lovingly put together, only our bed and a bassinet would fit in the cramped space. We had a major brand bassinet, but the mattress was very thin, thin like a saltine cracker, and they didn’t offer a newborn safe thicker one for the model we had.

Long story short, the bassinet didn’t work out at all, he would never settle down in it for more than 20 minutes no matter what we did, so babe often slept in the now banned rock 'n play, or in a swing during his first months which was not ideal, safe, or what we wanted for him at all.

When he was 5 months old we finally moved into our new home and moved him into to his crib which he took well to. Since he was still getting up 2-3 times a night, we kept him in the first floor master with us so we wouldn't be up and down the stairs all night. We decided that he would stay in our room until he was sleeping through the night, or turned one, whatever came first.

Turning one came first (yeah, we were tired humans), so we reluctantly put him upstairs not feeling very hopeful about the nights to come. To our surprise, once he got into his own room he promptly started sleeping through the night like an angel.

This time around, we decided to get a much better bassinet to keep in the master bedroom for the first months, and then move new baby upstairs earlier than we did for Finn.

Research happened. I was hyper focused on safety, accessibility (easy access to baby from parental bed with c-section recovery), mattress comfort, and portability (on wheels) were top of mind for me. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper stood out to me above the rest for all of those reasons. Plus, it had more features like mesh sides (to keep baby cool and visible), a fitted sheet that securely Velcros around the bottom of the mattress, and you can anchor the bassinet to the parent bed and pop the side down (hence "arm’s reach").

I always check with this trusted site that does their own independent reviews of baby products before I make an important baby purchase. When I saw they had this co-sleeper as their #1 product rating for best bassinet, I knew it was the one! I was then thrilled to collaborate with Arm’s Reach to share it with you all.

Head over to Arm's Reach to check out their suite of options, and enjoy a 10% discount on full price items with code FARMHOUSE at checkout.

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