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Nursery & Accent Wall DIY Project

Hi Friends! We're so excited to share our nursery for baby Archie. We went with a whimsical, rustic, adventure vibe upstairs for the boys. I LOVE the wood panel accent wall trend, and wanted to put our own spin on it by using stained wood and a deep blue color to achieve a rustic camp feel. We're so excited to share a how-to video of the wall, and the products we selected!

As you can see in this how-to video, it was a pretty simple family project. We used 1x2's, stained them, boxed in the wall, did a center vertical board, then two center vertials on either side. We used a 35 degree angle for the herringbone pieces and adhered them with drywall glue and finishing nails.

I first picked out this rug from BoutiqueRugs, I love the super soft shag feel, it's perfect for a nursery, and as you can see below it's approved by my crew! The blue color is just the vibes we were going for, it inspired me for the accent wall. I wanted a color dark enough to have a rustic contrast to the stained wood on the accent wall, but also didn't want it to be too dark, Behr Ice Cave was a perfect match, dark but still has a lot of energy. The other walls are painted Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

TIP: We used Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, which is a a nice soft gray with cool undertones, in all the upstairs bedrooms when we built. It saved me from having to make any more design decisions while we were building since we could pretty much set it and forget it with this color. The intention is that we would do accent walls, or decals when we were ready, but not have to completely repaint since this shade goes with any cool tone.

Since the accent wall is still on the dark side, and draws your eyes right in, I wanted to used lighter color finishes to soften the feel of the room up. I loved the mid-century wink I got from our crib it fits in perfectly in this space (similar crib linked here). The 3-drawer was from my Grandparents house, I chalk painted it in a chevron design a while back, using blue, white and keeping some of the stained wood showing. It's been sitting in the basement waiting for it's time to shine, it's an actual mid-century piece and I love how the feet compliment the feet on the crib, shop a similar 3-drawer here.

Light blocking curtains are just as important for a nursery as as a crib. I love the look of these white ones with multicolor tassels, they add some fun to the room The same brand puts out a coordinating Llama head, and a Llama lamp to round out the space, you can find them all linked here.

For a touch of greenery, a similar fiddle leaf fig tree is linked here. This seagrass basket is such a good deal, I have it here in medium which is a perfect size for the faux tree. I have another one downstairs in the large size for my real fig tree, I put the planter bucket right inside the basket with a plate to catch any water.

That's a wrap on baby Archies nursery for now, swing by to my Instagram and let me know what you think!

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